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Bamboo Shades - Sliding Panels - Colors

Sliding Panels are a fashionable way to cover large windows and doors or as a room devider. Woven Wood Sliding Panels offer smooth operation while having a bold rich character that will carry the natural beauty of wood throughout your home.

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AG80 Zagoli Sienna
AG81 Zagoli Sable
B780 Aris Wheat
B800 Kahlo Dawn
B810 Kahlo Dusk
B820 Kahlo-Grass
BB202 Isamu Dusk
BB203 Isamu Umber
BD90 Edessa Cream
BD91 Edessa Latte
BJ200 Bengali Earth
BJ210 Bengali Grass
BJ220 Bengali Mist
BJ230 Bengali Rust
BJ240 Bengali Sand
BJ310 Varvatos Umber
BJ410 Warhol Umber
BS20 Vega Chestnut
BS21 Vega Hazelnut
BS30 Bedford Camel
BS31 Bedford Chestnut
BS21 Vega Hazelnut
BS30 Bedford Camel
BS31 Bedford Chestnut
BZ00 Avia Ivory
BZ01 Avia Russet
C020 Emmi Dusk
G020 Chalayan Sea
G030 Chalayan Wheat
J270 Srilanka Dawn
J280 Srilanka Dusk
JB601 Sumo Cocoa
JB602 Sumo Ebony
JJ310 Srilanka Earth
JJ320 Srilanka Miele
JJ330 Srilanka Mink
JJ340 Srilanka Sienna
JJ350 Srilanka Storm
L660 Rucca Umber
LP390 Nairobi
M010 Goya Dawn
M020 Goya Dusk
M030 Goya Earth
M050 Goya Wheat
M100 Miro Dawn
M120 Miro Sand
M130 Miro Storm
MB01 Argos
MB20 Bromley
MB60 Clayton Dawn
MB61 Clayton Dusk
NV020 Steffe Sea
NV100 Rykiel Stone
NV110 Rykiel Umber
NV200 Mogu Snow
NV300 Zegna Cocoa
NV310 Zegna Grass
NV350 Avedon

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