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Double Cell Cellular Shades

Our Double Cell Cellular Shades also come in a desirable color palette. The durable non-woven fabric construction technique creates a fabric soft to touch, will not fray and helps maintain clean, crisp pleats, filters light and produces a warm glow as light penetrates the shade while blocking most UV rays that can damage and fade carpet, furniture and artwork.

New for 2015

X0-001 - Cotton
X0-069 - White Dove
X0-070 - Winter White
X0-003 - Onion
X0-004 - Alabaster
X0-005 - Cream
X0-006 - Fawn
X0-007 - Biscuit
X0-008 - Pongee
X0-009 - Ocher
X0-010 - Tan
X0-011 - Terra cotta
X0-012 - Cocoa
X0-013 - Spring Green
X0-014 - Water Green
X0-016 - Roseate
X0-017 - Pink Flamingo
X0-018 - Stone Red
X0-019 - Agate Red
X0-020 - Bordeaux
X0-021 - Grey Sheen
X0-022 - Marine Blue
X0-023 - Royal Grey
X0-024 - Jean Blue
X0-025 - Black
X0-026 - Wisteria
X0-027 - Royal Purple
X0-326 - Dark Chocolate

Swatch colors may vary from actual product due to computer monitor settings.

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