Aluminum Blinds
aluminum horizontal blinds

Custom-made Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Our custom-made aluminum horizontal blinds are made with high-quality spring-tempered aluminum slats, premium steel, and color-coordinated cords and ladders. We offer a variety of today’s most fashionable colors and design choices including Jewel, Pearl, Metallix™, and Alumiwood™ Collections.

Aluminum blinds are high fashion with superior quality, affordability, dependability, and overall value which makes them perfect for all lifestyles.

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Aluminum Blinds Colors By Style:
Color 6G 8G Sunvisor Micro .5"
012 Black
014 Matte White
015 Biscuit
017 Alabaster
018 White
024 Terra Cotta
027 Federal Blue
070 Gloss Black
091 Transparent Aluminum
112 Light Alabaster
172 Teal
178 Imperial Jade
189 Arctic Ice
233 Mauve
255 Garnet Red
259 True Blue
263 Apricot
408 Butter Scotch
410 Light Turquoise
417 Turquoise
432 Dusty Yellow
438 Dusty Rose
455 Plum
502 Wisteria
509 Light Azalea
522 Aqua Mist
565 Lavender Blue
611 Beige Satin
617 Gulf Blue
626 Smokey Gray
631 Fawn
632 Avocado
636 Vanilla
662 Char Brown
665 Almost White
693 Gray Sheen
754 Oak Wood
755 Walnut Wood
759 Light Brown
799 Jean Blue
302 Brown Gold
644 Sky Jewel
672 Mercury Silver
673 Umber Bronze
1532 Silver Beige
1533 Silver Blue

Color Swatches:

Solid Colors


Jewel & Pearl


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