Avondale Shutters

Avondale Shutters

Avondale Shutters combines the classic style of conventional shutters with modern and advanced materials for superior strength and durability. Our Avondale Shutters are engineered from HSPVC polyvinyl material and are resistant to yellowing, weathering, and corrosion naming them “the everlasting shutter“.

From by-pass doors to arches and specialty shapes, Avondale Shutters are perfect to get that luxurious look while being super easy to maintain. The detailed style and frame extrusions look like real wood components and have excellent insulating properties.

Choose from three louver sizes, 2.5″, 3.5″, & 4.5″, to tailor the aesthetic to your liking. The availability of decorative frame styles further enhances the design versatility, allowing you to elevate your space with personalized luxury.

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